Cool Math Games for Kids

Math Lines

This game is among the favorites of many kids. It is just like one of the marble line games. To start this game, write numbers 0-9 on marbles, one number per marble. You will be given a marble which could contain any from the numbers 0-9. Now you will need to select a digit at the top. Then shoot such ball that creates the total that you have chosen atop it. Here is an example to help you understand the game better.

For example, on the top of the table, you selected number 10. Then you will get a big line of differently numbered marbles. Say if the marble with which you are hitting contains number 4, then you will need to hit a number 6 ball out of the marble lines, in order that your total is 10.

Arithmetic Game

If you believe that you really excel in mathematics, this game will measure all your mathematical skills. In this game, you are going to have a big board that will have numbers written on it. At the board’s bottom, a number will be written, which is the right answer and a few blanks will be drawn in front of the board, which you should fill in with numbers. You will see addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs; depending on it, you will need to select numbers, in order that the total goes up to the displayed number. For instance, if the displayed number is 43, you must answer it as 7 + 6 x 6 = 43.

Math Lines: X Factor

This cool mathematical game for kids is like the ‘Math Lines’ game above, but the mere distinction is that rather than addition, you should do multiplication. For instance, if you select the number 12 ball on the top of the table, and if your target ball is number 3, you will need to hit the number 4 ball. This will give you a total of 12.

Feed Fribbit Addition

This is one of the very interesting cool math games for kids. The visual aids are simple and attractive. A lot of kids would surely like it. You are free to select your level of difficulty (easy or pro) and begin playing. In this game, you will do addition, adding displayed numbers on it and just click on the right number contained by the bubbles that are flying across.

The Timernator

This simple game focuses on calculation. To play, you will need to maximize your score by providing maximum right answers. This fun game involves division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. The more right answers you provide, the higher your score will get.

More Calculator Games

As adults, we use calculators to check numbers when balancing a checkbook or figure the square footage of a bedroom. As children, we use a calculator while we learn basic math facts. Calculator games are used in school as an engaging way to help students become familiar with the many ways to do math problems. Calculator games can be a fun way for kids to play with numbers, practice basic math skills and become comfortable using calculators. Whether it is More...

Cool Math Games – Math Blaster

Math blaster is among the math games that are gaining popularity really fast. It is a massively multi-player online game or MMOG which was launched by Knowledge Adventure in 2011. It can be played by children with age ranging from 6 – 12. The Jumpstart Game, also owned by the same company, has been played online for several years now has the preschoolers as its target players. The two games can be availed together when parents sign up their kids More...

Super Fun Math Games

If you want a really fun mathematical game for your students, why not transform them into popcorns? Yes, you have read it right. In this game, you will ask the students to “pop” like popcorns from their respective seats in the classroom when they solve the problem on the card. When the specific flashcard of a student is presented, he must pop up from the seat and loudly say the correct answer. Start from one end of the classroom to More...

Advantages of using Math Games

Mathematics is one of the most complicated subjects that students need to understand in school. The math subject is a requirement and every student needs to get a passing mark in order to proceed to the next grade. For some people, mathematics is a piece of cake but there are also students who really need more time to understand the lessons given by the teacher. Looking at all the numbers and mathematical symbols in the board can be very overwhelming More...

Calculator games

Frequent practice is necessary to attain strong mental arithmetic skills and reflexes. Although drill focused narrowly on rote practice with operations has its place, Everyday Mathematics also encourages practice through games. Drill and games should not be viewed as competitors for class time, nor should games be thought of as time-killers or rewards. In fact, games satisfy many, if not most, standard drill objectives - and with many built-in options. Drill tends to become tedious and, therefore, gradually loses its More...

Examples of Cool Math Games

There are definitely hundreds of cool math games that you will be able to find today. But not all of them will be suited for your kid’s level. The secret in finding a cool game is matching the game with your child’s level of skill and their interests as well. Thankfully, most math game pages have grouped their games according to lesson and according to the type of game as well. An example of a fun yet educational math game More...

Addition Math Game Ideas

“Around the World” is a cool math game for students who are learning to add using flashcards regularly. This classroom game requires students to race one another in guessing the right sum. There are only two players answering the question at once, but the entire class can be an active part of the game and answer the questions only in their minds while the game is on. The whole class is seated, forming a big circle. One player stands at More...