Kindergarten Math Games: Helping Children With Math Anxiety

Kindergarten Math games are a good way to start in helping kids love math. Introducing fun math activities in school and at home can result to a much better understanding of Math.

math games
Math is important in nurturing a child's education. Interactive games provide teachers and parent the support they need. It enhances mathematical development and curiosity. Teachers use different materials and references in planning certain activities for classrooms. This is to make math more interesting.

Since children's ideas are firmly based on their everyday activities and experiences, it best to adapt playing while gaining knowledge. Here are some tips to consider:

Learning Math in school

Kindergarten classrooms use the manipulative method. It is anything handed for counting will help a child to learn math concepts. This includes concrete things like puzzles, cubes, blocks and clocks.

Children are very active and they want to learn new things. Pictures grasp the attention of children. Flashcards are best options for number recognition, while puzzles help children to find out mathematical strategies. Thus, playing addition games are more exciting. It heats up group competition.

Other game samples are:

Triangle Number Game- Adding number and connects the answer to the side that matches it.
•Snail One Hundred game - Learning number structure from 1 to 100.
•Highs and Lows - A Place Value Activity
Learning Math outside

Outside games will utilize the children's energy while learning. Do-the-Math Hopscotch is one of the outdoor educational games inspired by the book Game On by Patt Doyle. This game resembles a chalk drawing of a calculator. A player will toss a stone to a number and hops on to form an equation. One foot hops to zeros and odd numbers and 2 footed hops to even numbers and symbols. A player will continuously play until he makes a mistake or finished all the numbers to 9.

Math Games at Home

Parents should encourage kids to play along with numbers using simple materials and preparation. One can make board games using dice and pieces of cardboard with creativity. There are also ready made educational cards for those busy parents. Go Fish Cards is one example that has become popular for math reviews. It enables kids to easily identify numbers and understand the difference between more or less. The use of dominoes, chess, checkers and Yahtzee will also deepen a child's logical ability.

math games

Other game samples are:

Math Bingo- A Bingo classic game of mathematical approach.
•Popsicle Stick Game - Focuses on child's counting ability.
•Two-Fisted Pennies Game -Identifies left and right positions and addition of numbers.

Math Games Online

Online learning has become the most rapid and common tool for young students. Internet math games help kids practice more and excel in math. It also reinforces math skills and concepts. Many free online games offers visual and hands-on activities such as:

1. Number recognition
2. Counting practices
3. Addition/Subtraction games

Ideal Cool Math Games Sites

Because of the numerous mathematics games found on different websites, parents are having hard time on what site they should let their kids play to learn math in a more fun and non-stressful way. Mathematics is a subject that most kids do not have much interest with. This the reason why teachers and parents are finding ways to teach math to the kids while having fun. There are several websites that provide this kind cool math games for kids which More...

Multiplication Math Game Ideas

In a multiplication math game, you can use dominoes that measure students’ skills on one- or two-digit multiplication. Put the dominoes in the middle of students the same way as a typical domino game. This game can be played by students either in pairs or one by one. The first pair or student to reach one thousand for two-digit multiplication or one hundred for one-digit multiplication will be declared as the winner. Every player takes a turn removing dominoes out More...

Cool Math Games for Phones and Tablets

With today’s modern technology, learning is not only possible in school but in other places as well. There are a lot of ways on how parents and teachers can use technology today as a vehicle for learning. Math is one of those subjects that not a lot of children find interesting. But with the help of cool math games for phones and tablets, they will learn to like math because of the fun that they are getting out of it. More...

Cool Math Games – Math Blaster

Math blaster is among the math games that are gaining popularity really fast. It is a massively multi-player online game or MMOG which was launched by Knowledge Adventure in 2011. It can be played by children with age ranging from 6 – 12. The Jumpstart Game, also owned by the same company, has been played online for several years now has the preschoolers as its target players. The two games can be availed together when parents sign up their kids More...

Below are popular math games on line.

The Frog Puzzle
•Mathematical Matches
Interactive 100 Square Chart
Flash Algebra

Number Puzzles online are:
•Crossnumber - Adding five digits numbers to find the clue.
•Color Quiz - Answering addition questions by coloring pictures.
•Number Cruncher - A mathematical arcade game that uses arrows to eat numbers of a given multiple.
•Shade - Shading the correct number to get an equal fraction.
•Table Times - It is a simple multiplication quiz game.

Math games can be effective when linked with standard teachings. It plays a vital part in stimulating interactions. A child's interest must be supported by teachers and parents. Thus, games are math helpers only. It is much better to attend school and study homework that can beat up the Math anxiety.

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