More Calculator Games

As adults, we use calculators to check numbers when balancing a checkbook or figure the square footage of a bedroom. As children, we use a calculator while we learn basic math facts. Calculator games are used in school as an engaging way to help students become familiar with the many ways to do math problems.

Calculator games can be a fun way for kids to play with numbers, practice basic math skills and become comfortable using calculators. Whether it is a basic handheld calculator, complex graphing calculator or even an online calculator, it's critical for children to understand how this helpful tool works. There are many games that require nothing more than a basic calculator and knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Exploring Numbers

Ask each student to imagine that his calculator has a broken "4" button. Then challenge them to figure out how to get the number "44" to appear on their calculators by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing without touching the "4" button. To increase the challenge, ask the students to make "444" appear on their calculators using the same process. Variations of this game can be played with many different numbers.

Calculator Puzzle

Using only the "2," "3," "+," "--," "---," "÷" and "=" buttons, figure out how to generate every single number between 1 and 20. For example, 3 - 2= 1; 2 + 2 = 4, and so on. Keep in mind, there may be more than one way to generate certain numbers.

Place Value

This whole-class activity helps students use a calculator to create numbers given teacher criteria. Before trying this activity, students should have a basic idea of place value. The teacher starts by distributing calculators to all students. She will then ask the students to create numbers on their calculator with directions such as, "Make a three-digit number with a 4 in the tens place." Teachers will ask three or four students to share the numbers they created. The class can decide whether the numbers correctly follow the criteria given and the teacher can check her students for understanding. As the activity progresses, the teacher can require more difficult criteria for the students to create on their calculators.

First to 50

This game encourages students to use critical-thinking skills while practicing using a calculator. This game is played in two- person teams. Player 1 begins by entering a 1, 2 or 3 into the calculator. Player 2 must then add 1, 2 or 3 to the current value, displaying the sum. This continues with each player adding a 1, 2 or 3 to the previous sum. The winner is the student who displays 50 as his new sum on the calculator. Players can play again, but this time, Player 2 goes first. Once students have had a chance to play a few times, the teacher can lead the class in a discussion. The teacher will ask her students if they found any strategies to help them win the game. Does it matter who goes first? At what point in the game do you know who will win?

Now You're 21

This is a fun game to play with students when you have a limited number of calculators. Divide students into groups of two and give each pair a calculator. Tell them to start by typing the number "21" into the calculator. The two students now take turns using the calculator to subtract one, two or three from the number on the screen. The first to reach zero or a negative number loses.

Offline Cool Math Games

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Cool Math Games – The Crazy Tax Game

Math is perhaps the most misinterpreted subject in the world. Numbers and formulas can really get confusing. Each time you try to get your child interested in math, most of the time, you will get a confused look due to perplexity on how the numbers work or finding solutions to problems. Your child can somehow get convinced if you will be creative in your ways. Think so some ideas which can be suitable for your kids. Spending on some software More...

Math Video Games

Big Brain Academy refers to a collection of video games that was made by Nintendo. This series is designed to focus on various academic subjects, which include mathematics. The game has five categories, namely think (logic), memorize (memory), analyze (reason), identify (visual) and compute (math). The mathematics category features a number of games to help students develop their mathematical skills. Big Brain Academy has a multiplayer setting, though players can use just one Wii remote control at a time. Although More...

Kid Friendly Cool Math Games

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Calculators for Adults and Children

As adults, we use calculators to check numbers when balancing a checkbook or figure the square footage of a bedroom. As children, we use a calculator while we learn basic math facts. Calculator games are used in school as an engaging way to help students become familiar with the many ways to do math problems. In one way, a calculator is like a crutch. A student struggling with arithmetic might use a calculator to confirm the results of their own More...

Cool Math Games for Kids

Math Lines This game is among the favorites of many kids. It is just like one of the marble line games. To start this game, write numbers 0-9 on marbles, one number per marble. You will be given a marble which could contain any from the numbers 0-9. Now you will need to select a digit at the top. Then shoot such ball that creates the total that you have chosen atop it. Here is an example to help you More...