Calculator games


Frequent practice is necessary to attain strong mental arithmetic skills and reflexes. Although drill focused narrowly on rote practice with operations has its place, Everyday Mathematics also encourages practice through games.
Drill and games should not be viewed as competitors for class time, nor should games be thought of as time-killers or rewards. In fact, games satisfy many, if not most, standard drill objectives - and with many built-in options. Drill tends to become tedious and, therefore, gradually loses its effectiveness. Games relieve the tedium because children enjoy them. Indeed, children often wish to continue to play games during their free time, lunch, and even recess.
Beat the Calculator
This game is played with three people and requires a calculator, a penny and a fact power table. One person is the Caller one is the Calculator and one is the Brain. The Caller drops a penny on the fact power table. He calls out the problem that the penny landed on. The Calculator will solve the problem using a calculator. At the same time, the Brain solves the problem on paper or in his head without the aid of a calculator. Both the
Calculator and the Brain attempt to be the first to solve the problem. The Caller is also the referee and decides who got the answer first. Players can trade roles every 10 turns or so.

Birthday Guessing Game
Here's a fun game that will amaze your students. Tell them that with just a few calculations, you can guess their birthday. Ask your students to follow the steps using their calculators.
1) Multiply the month of their birthday by the number 7; 2) Subtract 1; 3) Multiply by 13; 4) Add the day of their birth; 5) Add 3; 6) Multiply by 11; 7) Subtract the month of their birth; and 8) Subtract the day of their birth.

Upside-Down Word Calculator Game
Have you ever noticed that some numbers look like letters when they are turned upside-down? For example, a zero looks like "O", one looks like "I", two looks like "Z", three looks like "E", 4 looks like "h", five looks like "S", six looks like "g", seven looks like "L", eight looks like "B", and nine looks like "G". See how what kinds of letter will spell fun words when turned upside-down. (Hint: 376616 is GIGGLE, 77345 is SHELL".) Challenge the students to create as many words as possible using their calculators.
Outdoor Math Games

Math games can be played by children not only in their classrooms, but also outdoors. There are many objects that can be found outside the room. Choose specific items that they can count. For example, if the campus is not too large, you may want to have them count all the classrooms of the school. Instruct them not to include other specific rooms such as offices, libraries, canteens and the like. See to it that you have pre-counted all the More...

Learning Mathematical Games

In order to learn a math game, observe how others play it. Make an observation whether the game is a board kind for four players or a computer type for one player. This way, you will know how things go on in the game before you read about them. You may ask a player or an expert about a specific math game. Once the game you are observing is over, ask a teacher or a classmate for their personal description More...

Advantages of using Math Games

Mathematics is one of the most complicated subjects that students need to understand in school. The math subject is a requirement and every student needs to get a passing mark in order to proceed to the next grade. For some people, mathematics is a piece of cake but there are also students who really need more time to understand the lessons given by the teacher. Looking at all the numbers and mathematical symbols in the board can be very overwhelming More...

Worldwide Mathematical Games

A worldwide math game can be played by teaching children how to count and identify the Japanese yen, Mexican peso, Chinese yuan, European euro, and British pound between one and ten. Ask your students to describe the similarities between these foreign currencies and the U.S. dollar before they play the game. Make five distinct categories of merchandise, which matches up with the countries being included in your mathematical lesson about currency. It is important that each of these categories includes More...

Common Types of Cool Math Games

There are different types of cool math games that can be played. There are certain types that are applicable for kids, games for teenagers, and there are even math games that adults can play. With a wide variety of choices, people can easily jump from one game to another to learn more lessons in mathematics. Probably the most common math game that you can find is the math puzzle game. There are numerous variations of the math puzzle game but More...

Cool Math Games – The Crazy Tax Game

Math is perhaps the most misinterpreted subject in the world. Numbers and formulas can really get confusing. Each time you try to get your child interested in math, most of the time, you will get a confused look due to perplexity on how the numbers work or finding solutions to problems. Your child can somehow get convinced if you will be creative in your ways. Think so some ideas which can be suitable for your kids. Spending on some software More...

Making Cool Math Games Fun

There are people who find math interesting but definitely not for kids. The modern children spend their time mostly on playing computer games or watching movies. At present, a lot of cool math games are made available to help kids engage in learning math without getting bored or difficulty in learning the basics of the subject. Parents need not do much about convincing their kids to learn math. This is because the effort and work has been made simpler for More...

Unit-converting Math Games

Measurement units are an important thing to learn about. We use measurements in various situations, from shopping to cooking. In order to teach kids how to do unit conversions properly and determine the right unit for a specific measurement, allow them to play a unit-converting math game. Start the process by determining the many different units for conversion. You can find various math games that involve converting one unit into another or identifying the different conversion units. Converting units through More...

Cool Fun Math Games

Math games are stimulating channel for your kids and even for students for them to be knowledgeable of math problems, from learning simple addition to fractions in a more enjoyable way. Not all people, especially the young ones, are interested in math, especially when the number gets bigger and formulas get complicated. Cool fun math games not only encourage quick thinking, but they also drive a person to be competitive in a healthful way. Math games vary; from a classic More...