Calculators for Adults and Children

As adults, we use calculators to check numbers when balancing a checkbook or figure the square footage of a bedroom. As children, we use a calculator while we learn basic math facts. Calculator games are used in school as an engaging way to help students become familiar with the many ways to do math problems.

In one way, a calculator is like a crutch. A student struggling with arithmetic might use a calculator to confirm the results of their own efforts. In this way, the student will gain confidence, until they no longer need the calculator for that level of problem. On the other hand, a student might become dependent on the crutch, unwilling to try to walk without it, and eventually losing the ability to walk correctly as his or her mental math muscles atrophy.

There are some games involving the use of a calculator. The goal with these games is to put kids in a situation where using the calculator helps them with their math, in a fun and interesting way. They use calculators in these games to explore numbers, and so gain some kind of intuition for the relationships between them as they manipulate them to achieve the goal set for them.

Calculators are an excellent tool for calculating with realistic data. Children are often
fascinated by large numbers. A calculator is magnificent for handling these. How many
metres is it to the moon? How many times my weight was a brontosaurus? How many
minutes till my next birthday? How long is a million days?

A calculator can also be useful in science for comparing and working with complicated
numbers. Measurements are often difficult to compare. One child may be considerably
taller than another, but how much taller? A calculator can help to work this out and also
make it possible to introduce the idea of an 'average'. Water evaporates, but by how much
each day?

Calculators are excellent for:

  • exploring number patterns.
  • encouraging the important mathematical ideas prediction, estimation and approximation giving immediate feedback
  • learning to understand the structure of the place value system
  • using the constant function to explore repeated addition
  • for the introduction of decimal notation and negative numbers
  • for handling large numbers which often fascinate children
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As adults, we use calculators to check numbers when balancing a checkbook or figure the square footage of a bedroom. As children, we use a calculator while we learn basic math facts. Calculator games are used in school as an engaging way to help students become familiar with the many ways to do math problems. Calculator games can be a fun way for kids to play with numbers, practice basic math skills and become comfortable using calculators. Whether it is More...

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